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Expectations and Guidelines

Your Safety

It is very possible that all incoming letters will be read and screened so do not include any incriminating information about yourself or the person you’re corresponding with. Some prisons (in particular Correctional Services Canada) have been known to share sensitive information with other arms of law enforcement. Be mindful not to disclose your immigration status or other information that might compromise your safety. That being said, our intention is not that you completely self-censor. We understand this project as a political act, so if you and your penpal have established what you are each comfortable discussing, go for it. Just keep in mind that your letters are most likely being read.

If you have a housing situation where you are not able to receive mail of this kind, we can work around that. If you are in Montreal, you can receive mail at our office and come in to pick it up. If out of town, we can help you figure out an organization that may be able to receive the mail for you.