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Clinical Trials: What You Need To Know

Clinical Trials - readable


Published by the Canadian AIDS Society in 2012 (fourth edition), this booklet aims to give people living with HIV, their families, friends and others some basic information about clinical trials. Its purpose is not to endorse any particular trial or to try and persuade people to participate. Rather, it aims to shed some light on clinical trials: how and why they are conducted, how people can join a trial, and what they can expect if they decide to participate.

Ordering Instructions: A full-colour, glossy version of this booklet can be ordered free-of-charge (postage included) to Canadian addresses by going to the website for the CATIE Ordering Centre.

Mailing Instructions: When sending the full-colour version, remove the the staples before sending.

Printing Instructions: If unable to order, print to landscape 8 1/2 x 11, this helps it last longer and stay together while being passed around inside prisons.

For more information on the group who put out this resource, or to check for the most up-to-date version, check out their website.