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Men Against Sexism

Men Against Sexism - printable


Men Against Sexism was made up of almost entirely queer and trans prisoners. They successfully changed a whole culture within Walla Walla prison where rape and ownership over queer/ trans prisoners went from being a power and status symbol to a reason to fear for your life.

Their work had a ripple effect to all the other prisons in the North West and 10 years later, according to MAS member Ed Mead, there were no more instances of rape within Walla Walla. Men Against Sexism was a revolutionary queer and trans, poor and racialized group arming themselves with a solid class, gender and race analysis, along with guns, to make prisons safer for queer and trans prisoners from the inside out. This is their story.

Printing Instructions: Print to landscape 8 1/2 × 11, this helps it last longer and stay together while being passed around inside prisons.

For more information on the group who put out this resource, or to check for the most up-to-date version, check out their website.